So tonight was the offical beginning of my UWCB journey. This is the start of my 8 weeks to fame, in just over 8 weeks time I will be entering the ring, in front of a sell out crowd in my hometown to box in aid of Cancer Research.

Tonight’s meeting went quicker then I thought and there wasn’t as many people as I thought there would be. It was the intial meeting for my journey and it gave us all the information we needed. We met out area rep and got to know him.

He went through what UWCB is all about and what training will intial, it was be intensive and it will put me through my paces but I’m ready for it, I’m ready and I’m committed for it. I won’t know who I’m actually fighting, or what team I will be in until 5 days before the actual event, this is because they want to keep it serect and keep us all in suspense.

So that’s it, it’s the 23rd January and it’s the start of my journey…. the journey to my UWCB fight. And I’m very very excited about this journey and I will keep you all posted on the blog.


12 hours to go!

12 hours until the launch meeting of my UWCB journey, I can’t wait I really can’t I’ve been waiting for this day to come for a very long time and it’s upon me. Nerves are high but excitement is higher and haven’t even started training yet.


This time tomorrow on the 23rd January I will be at the Launch Meeting for my UWCB journey I can’t contain my excitement I am so excited about tomorrow, I will be uploading a Vlog entry aswell which will show where the venue is and also I will say what has happened at the LAUNCH meeting.

‘Let’s Beat Cancer’ Poem -Today’s Blog Post – 21/1/18

Today’s blog post is of a poem which I’ve come up with and want to share with all of you guys. Overnight the weather has dropped even more and it’s snowed so today the dogs have had a little play in the snow and then they’ve said it’s to cold. I don’t blame them. It’s 2 days until the launch meeting of my 8 weeks training and I’m very excited along with Kirk, to be part of a big event, we are looking forward to meeting our fellow fighters and the trainers who will be putting us through our paces for the next 8-9 weeks . As I said at the start today’s blog post is a poem I’ve came up with so here it is, let me know what you think of it in the comment section of the post, it’s not a poem which rhymes though this poem ides more on the topic of UWCB events but can be understood ides any context. I don’t know what you call these types of poems but here it is:

L is for Live as we all hope victims of cancer survive and live for the rest of their lives

E is for Entertain all those boxers and fundraisers to entertain the world to raise money.

T is for Thankfulness to all those who raise money to help beat cancer.

S is for Special , for all those special people in your lives.

B is for Bravery to all those people who are battling cancer and those who are taking on challenging events.

E is for Endurance , all those people who are taking part in sporting/challenge events which takes on great physical stamina

A is for Achievement for all those who need/have a sense of achievement successfully completing a challenge or surviving cancer.

T is for Time , time needs to come faster to find a cure for every cancer.

C is for Celebrate , for all those who have beaten cancer and for those who have beaten a challenge in aid of research to stopping cancer.

A is for Atmosphere , the buzzing atmosphere which surrounds any competitors in events and especially in UWCB events.

N is for Numerous , for numerous organisations who are raising money for research and those research falicities who are aiding in curing cancer.

C is for Conquer , for all those who are/or will be conquering the world’s challenges and fundraising events to raise money , and for those who are/have/or will be conquering cancer.

E is for Engage , for all those who are engaging in and participating in research analysis and events to help beat cancer.

R is for Revolution , all the world comes together, we are building a Revolution, a Revolution to help kick cancer ‘s arse!

We Can and We Will beat Cancer!

‘Let’s Beat Cancer Poem’ – written by myself – David Pullin

Let me know in the comment section what you think of this poem.


Today’s blog post is the topic of something very close to my heart and one of the main reasons why I’m on the journey through to a UWCB event. As you may know 4th February the world will be all coming together to celebrate a day a day we all support and stand together this day is…

This year’s theme is ‘We Can, I Can’, and this defentily fits me, I know I can do this boxing and I will do this boxing, ‘We Can’ achieve anything we want we just need to dream. Why ie this day so big and means so much to myself? One answer it’s because of this man in the photo with me below..

This is the only photo I have got with both myself and my daddy in, if you haven’t read my about page my dad died of prostate cancer in 2009. He died in Thailand which he moved to in 2005 after he couldn’t have me back living with him. I never saw him again and i got so upset and I was get really upset on the anniversary of his death and on his birthday. I wish he was still here but the dreaded cancer took him away, it takes people every single day and 1 in 2 people will get cancer sometime in their life,this is horrible, but we can all come together and fight cancer and make a cure quicker and more successful. On the 4th of February I’ll be supporting world cancer day by letting off a blue cancer balloon (representing prostate cancer ribbon colour) with with a note attached to it to send off up to the sky to my dad. I will make it a Vlog Entry when I let it off so that I can then post it on my blog. I hope you all join me in supporting World Cancer Day 2018. Let’s get a cure sooner!

Yesterday’s Adventures -18/1/18

Sorry guys that I have had to yesterday’s blog post this morning I was stressed and abit busy yesterday and forgot to do it last night, well how was yesterday’s adventure? Well I was quite anxious and stressed yesterday and my aderaline level was quiet high. Yesterday afternoon to try and calm myself down my family said I should take my dog for a walk down to the local park. It was lovely spending time with my ‘Adidog’ (Loulabelle in her Adidas jumper). Here are a few photos I took of loulabelle, if you wanna know if she enjoyed the work she wouldn’t move last night she was flat out on the bed, what cheered me up and calmed me down is she kept nudging the back of my legs in the park to make me run with her again.

Life will always show you the way

Life will always give you the path and show you the way but it is you who makes the choices, you don’t make the choices in life then you will never learn, that’s how I learnt, I made choices in my life, some of them were bad I can see that now but some of them were good, if you don’t choose what option you take yourself then you probably won’t succeed in what you want to do. There are certain situations though when life doesn’t give you any option, these are for example, when you’re terminal ill, can’t work anymore due to injury/physical and mental illness, etc. Never put yourself down though if life doesn’t give you an option or path you can still succeed, never give up and never give in.

This was me, a few years ago, I gave in, I lost hope, I had to resign from my dream job, I had no choice, I wouldn’t be here typing if I stuck to the job, life shows you the path it’s you who makes the option, but sometimes life has to choose the option for you. Now I’m starting to get my motivation back and have perused another industry another career, I won’t go into detail until a few months have passed by, but life has shown me the way. It’s shown me the great and glorious and the bad. It’s shown me who’s there for me and who’s not. It’s shown me trust and failure. Life made me choose to sign up for UWCB I knew it’s something I got to do for my dad and that’s excatly why I’m doing it. Never give up, never lose hope, never stop following your dreams, you will succeed always tell that to yourself.